Paparoa Great Walk

Situated advantageously close to New Zealand’s newest Great Walk, The Paparoa, we, the enthusiastic staff at Brunnerton Lodge, Hostel and Backpackers, can help ease and facilitate your walk and adventure plans.

Accommodation and transport: Book your Paparoa Great Walk experience with us. Stay in our historic building amongst beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with our very highly rated friendly and helpful staff. We can link you to your entry and exit points on and off The Paparoa. Enquire about our Paparoa Track shuttle and car relocation service.

Information: with the benefit of our wide local knowledge, you are welcome to have a chat with us about your plans, entertain additional options, and/or let us reassure you and increase your confidence with your adventure plans.

Ultimately, we wish you to have the best experiences possible here in our wonderful part of New Zealand, and it will be our genuine pleasure to be a part of that!!

For additional track information:

Smoke-ho carpark, Paparoa Track entry, Blackball